What Makes Buckaroo Bling Different?

What makes Buckaroo Bling different from other western and boho-western jewelry brands? If you've wondered about this, scroll down for answers.

Turquoise hoop with carnelian accent

  • HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA. Very often you'll see western looking jewelry in boutiques and western stores that is made en-masse overseas. Usually, such jewelry is made with imitation turquoise or other materials dyed to look like turquoise, and although the price point is lower, once you purchase and start wearing such jewelry, it will either exacerbate your metal allergies, or the stones would get discolored quickly, or something else will go wrong with it within months of purchase. On the other hand, Buckaroo Bling jewelry is made with attention to detail and quality, made by hand, and certified Made in Montana, USA.

  • DOMESTICALLY SOURCED, QUALITY MATERIALS. Here at Buckaroo Bling, we pride ourselves on the quality of our handcrafted jewelry. We use high quality sterling silver from our trusted suppliers in New Mexico and (occasionally) Louisiana. We get our turquoise directly from the Kingman mines owned by Colbaugh Processing in Arizona, and our deer leather comes from Billings, Montana. Even our packaging is sourced and produced in the USA. Our jewelry will last you a long time if properly taken care of, and we make sure to include Care Instructions in every package to make that easy for you.

  • LIMITED EDITION DESIGNS. Due to its handcrafted nature, all of our jewelry comes in limited collections. Before we release a new collection, we phase out some older designs. This way, our selection will always be fresh, and you won't see a thousand people all around you wearing the same pair of earrings that you're wearing.

  • UNIQUE STYLES. Although trends are important to a certain extent, here at Buckaroo Bling, we don't chase after them. We design with ladies in mind who want to maintain their unique style regardless of trends. The Classy Cowgirl, the Boho Babe, and the Rock-'n'-Roll Rebel with a penchant for standing out in a crowd are who we design for. So, if you're a strong woman with style all your own, come check us out! We'll help you stand out, stay western, and add some quality to your quiet rebellion.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. The term "great customer service" is overused and doesn't seem to mean much in today's marketplace. Here at Buckaroo Bling, we're working to change that perception when it comes to our brand and our jewelry. When you purchase from us, you're always encouraged to contact us with any issues or questions you may have, and we''ll do our absolute best to help you. We normally respond within 24-48 hours (maximum 72 on weekends and holidays) of the receipt of your messages, and we endeavor to solve your problem on the first try. Unlike so many business in today's marketplace, we'll never send you a "canned response" that doesn't mean much at all and doesn't address your issue in any way. The only bot or AI responses you'll receive from us are the ones in the chat box on our website when nobody is available to personally talk to you.

  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST, WE VALUE CHARITY. A portion from each sale is donated to a horse rescue non-profit. We work with both local horse rescues in our corner of Montana when they have a need, or if they don't have any recent rescues, we would work with a larger, national rescue group. In any case, when you purchase a piece of our bling, you can be sure that a portion of your purchase goes to help save horses.

So, the next time you consider purchasing from Buckaroo Bling, go through this list and decide if any of these things matter to you more than a low price. If so, you're definitely our kind of folk, and we welcome you with open arms.

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