How to Choose Jewelry Colors That Suit You

When I sell my jewelry at live events, I often encounter customers who have a hard time choosing the color they like best among the options offered. Now, mind you, I don't offer many options. My original Dream Catchers Collection, for example, could only be purchased with either red fringe on copper or turquoise fringe on sterling silver, but there were still those who couldn't decide. To make things easier, I always ask my indecisive customers the same few questions that help them make the right choice. These are simple questions you can ask yourself next time you go jewelry shopping.

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First, what's your skin tone and complexion like? Olive skin tones and darker complexions look their best when adorned with jewelry in warm tone metals such as yellow gold, gold vermeil, rose gold, copper, and brass. Cool skin tones and pale complexions, on the other hand, require jewelry in cool tone metals such as platinum, white gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel.

Next, what's your hair color? Blondes and dark haired beauties alike look great in both reds and blues (and variations thereof, such as pinks and purples), but blondes should be very careful with yellows, and dark haired women should generally avoid dark browns in their jewelry. Redheads however look great in warm browns and deep greens, but should stay away from oranges and bright reds.

Last but not least, what color clothing do you wear most often? Your jewelry shouldn't clash with the colors of your clothes. For example, if you wear a lot of purple, don't buy jewelry in bright red tones. Go for blues and purples instead. Unsure about colorful gemstones and fringe? Choose simple metal jewelry without any other colors. Generally, cool tone metals go well with blues, purples, and black while warm tone metals complement browns and greens. So, unless you're going for a shock effect, ask yourself these three questions every time you shop for a new piece of jewelry, and you'll be well on your way to making your choices easy.

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