About Buckaroo Bling

Be bold, be you!

Ready for some chic handcrafted bling straight from the last best place on earth?

Ditch the ordinary, and get a piece of our bling made with love and precision, one at a time, using only the best materials sourced right here, in the good ol' US of A.

Our vibe? Totally approachable style for classy cowgirls, boho babes, and anyone with a wild West heart. These designs aren't just good-looking; they're lightweight, made to last, and ready for any adventure: a blend of class and laid-back cool, perfectly capturing the untamed spirit of Montana.

It's all about embracing your unique self, from the mountain trails to the wide open prairie and the bustling city streets in-between. What's even better, there's no need to stress about trends. Our limited edition designs are as timeless as a glacier sunset. They tell a tale of craftsmanship, a passion for the untamed, and a penchant for doing things a bit differently. So, if you want to stand out, stay western, and add quality to your quiet rebellion, Buckaroo Bling is your huckleberry. Let's rock some boldness together!

Buckaroo Bling Boss Lady

A Word from The Boss Lady

"I started Buckaroo Bling because I didn't much like those honkin' big jewelry pieces you'd normally find in western stores. Besides, I had what you'd call a champagne taste on a beer budget: I loved Native American turquoise designs but I couldn't afford them, and the cheap imported imitations you'd see in regular stores were just... well, too cheap looking for my taste. That's why I set out to design and craft by hand the bling I'd wear myself.

The rest, as they say, is history, albeit one that still has to be written. Come, join me in writing it!"

-- Jelena, Chief Wire Wrangler and Boss Lady, Buckaroo Bling LLC

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