How To Wear Long Earrings Like A Boss

Are you in love with long earrings but don't know if they'd suit you? And how long is too long anyway? If you've often been asking yourself these questions, you've come to the right spot. In this blog post, I'm talking long earrings: who should wear them and who shouldn't, how to pick the right shape and color for you, and yes, how long is too long.

Let me start by saying that anyone can wear long earrings, but while 2 inches may be almost too long for some, others can pull off wearing a 4 inch earring style without batting an eye. There are several things you should keep in mind when picking a long earring style that's right for you.

So, let's look into some of those factors:

  • Length and shape of the neck. Yes, it's common sense that ladies with shorter necks should wear shorter earrings and those with longer necks can wear longer ones. However, the shape of your neck plays an important part here too. If you have a short and stocky neck, go for elongating and slimming earring styles such as simple drop earrings or very thin tassels or fringe. On the other hand, if your neck is short and slim, you can go with fuller earring shapes such as ovals and rounds, but still try not to wear anything longer than 2 inches from the top of ear wire to the bottom of earring. If you have a long neck, you can go anywhere between 3 and 4 inches in length, just make sure that you're wearing slimmer, more fluid styles if you have a thicker neck, while those with shapely "swan necks" can choose fuller shapes of earrings.
  • Facial shape. There are five main facial shapes: oval, round, square, triangle, heart, and long. Your earrings shouldn't clash with the shape of your face. Oval faced ladies are the lucky ones, as they can wear almost any shape of earrings equally well. For the rest of us, here are the rules of thumb. Round faces should choose dangle or teardrop earrings to visually elongate their faces. It's important to go with an elegant and feminine design (smaller shapes, fewer details) too. Rounded designs work best with square faces because they help visually soften the harsh edges of a square face, and curved styles with beautiful lines work well for heart shaped faces as they draw the attention to eyes, cheeks, and the jaw line. Chandelier and teardrop earrings are great for those with triangle shaped faces because they create an illusion of width at the jaw line, and cluster earrings and any kind of hoop work well for those with narrow, long faces as they'll make the face look fuller.
  • Hair color and length. The choice of metal for your earrings doesn't only depend on your preference and, possibly, metal allergies. It's important to consider your hair color as well. Blondes look great in gold earrings, while dark haired women look better in silver or platinum. Last but not least, redheads should go with rose gold. If you have long hair, long earrings are your best friends. But what do you do if your hair is short? If you have a short hair style or wear an updo where your ear lobes are exposed, the only limits to the style and color of earrings you wear are your face and neck shape and the tone of your skin.
  • Skin tone. Is your skin tone warm with yellow or peach undertones? Go for golds, greens, browns, and copper tones in your earrings. On the other hand, if your skin tone is cool with pink or blue undertones, choose silver, blue, red, and purple colors for your earrings.
  • Lifestyle and fashion style. Last but not least, wear long earrings that match your fashion style (turquoise and fringe for cowgirl chic, elegant dangles for classic elegance, etc.) but don't forget about your lifestyle. It goes without saying that, if you lead an active lifestyle, you should wear long earrings only for special occasions. After all, you don't want your fancy, long earrings to get caught in a piece of machinery you use for work or to bang constantly against your neck while you run.


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