You've Got Metal Allergies; Now What?

One of the questions I often get about Buckaroo Bling earrings is whether they're safe for sensitive ears or not. It seems that the number of people with metal allergies is increasing every year. What once was very uncommon is now becoming almost a norm.

So, how do Buckaroo Bling earrings hold up to the scrutiny of those who suffer from metal allergies? I try to always keep in mind different needs of different customers, so if you're skeptical about safety of Buckaroo Bling earrings, read on.

Buckaroo Bling work bench - hammering a piece of silver

Buckaroo Bling earring styles come with three options when ear wires are concerned: sterling silver, niobium, and titanium. Our standard sterling silver is high quality silver and should be safe for ladies with mild metal sensitivities. However, if you're extremely sensitive to nickel, I would suggest you look at titanium or niobium instead. Why? Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% includes other metals. That's mostly copper, but you can also have traces of germanium, nickel, and zinc in the mix. If you're highly allergic to nickel, even the tiniest amount can cause ear trouble.

For those with extreme nickel allergies, Buckaroo Bling offers an option to replace standard sterling silver ear wires with titanium ones for a nominal charge. All you've got to do is add a pair of titanium ear wires to your order and leave us a note at checkout. Why titanium? Titanium is widely used to produce medical implants and was found to be well tolerated by most people.

Got problems even with titanium? Have you considered niobium? That's another metal used for medical implants and as such, safe for most people with allergies to other metals. A fun thing about niobium is that it can turn different colors through process of anodizing. Here at Buckaroo Bling, I mostly use dark brown, antique copper type shade of niobium ear wires, which is standard on all Buckaroo Bling earring designs that use copper for other parts of the earring. Why not use copper for ear wires too? Copper oxidizes easily and is not suitable for ear wires because it would quickly turn your ears green.

Earrings with copper plated real aspen leaves

Now that you've got a lowdown on different metals used for Buckaroo Bling earrings, what will you choose? Sterling silver, titanium, or niobium? Click the button below to shop.

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