Back-to-School Style Tips for a Classy Cowgirl

Wherever you turn, everyone's talking about back-to-school this and back-to-school that. So, not to be left behind, I'm offering you a few ideas for back-to-school fashions for classy cowgirls.

With the summer winding down and cooler days on the horizon, pastels and whites of summer give way to richer colors of fall. So, when picking your back-to-school outfits, think about rich reds, warm browns, stormy blues, and other rich, saturated colors. While summer was the time of (more or less) carefree fun, music festivals, county fairs, weddings, and dances where you could really go out on a limb to show off your fashion style with high heeled boots, funky wild rags, flowy dresses, short shorts, and off-the-shoulder tops, back-to-school times call for dressing and accessorizing more practically. Think about crossbody bags instead of clutches, calf length skirts, square toe boots, or even western style driving mocs instead of boots if you expect being on your feet for a long time.

It's also time to swap your favorite straw hat for a felt one, and replace sunscreen with moisturizing lotion.

Back-to-school time doesn't mean that all fun has to stop. You can still add playfulness to your outfits with jewelry in bold colors, just make sure you scale down on the size of your baubles. Oversized jewelry and school activities don't mix well one with another.

I gave you some ideas in the image above. If you want to see more, head on over to Buckaroo Bling on Pinterest, and take a look at the Chic Cowgirl Fashions board. To shop richly colored jewelry with American mined turquoise and deer leather click the button below.

What are your go-to cowgirl chic back-to-school items? Share in the comments below.

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