Why We Do What We Do

Did you know that Buckaroo Bling donates 10% from each sale to horse rescue?

Yes, we do! Right now, those donations go to our local non-profit, Freedom Horse Farm in Kalispell, Montana to help care for their rescued BLM mustangs and domestic horses.

Why, you may ask. The short answer is, 'cause all life is precious. The longer answer lies with our love for horses and inability to have any of our own due to our current housing situation. Besides, every horse deserves to live a life free of abuse, starvation, and untreated medical conditions and injuries.

Our Boss Lady has personally visited the ladies of Freedom Horse Farm on several occasions and even gotten to schmooze with some of their rescues, such as the adorable (at the time) yearling mustang Ella and the sweet, handsome mustang Walnut. There's nothing better than watching those scared beings turn into loving, trusting, gentle companions and seeing them go to loving adoptive homes where they'll never know fear or abuse again.

So now, if you're a horse lover, you've got one more reason to shop Buckaroo Bling. What's best, if you ever want to donate a little extra for horse rescue, you can just add it to the "tip" field at checkout, and we'll send it on to Freedom Horse Farm at the end of the month.

Now, go shop, and help us save more horses! Below ⬇️ are some of our best selling designs.

Model in a light colored cowgirl hat wearing aspen leaf earrings by Buckaroo Bling

Cowgirl wearing a dainty turquoise necklace

Boot fringe accessories in turquoise leather

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