Valentines Day for The Clueless Cowboy

Let's face it: most guys don't fall in the category of very creative gift givers to begin with. Add to that a nebulous holiday such as Valentines Day, and you've got a perfectly confusing combination. So, what should a clueless cowboy do this Valentines Day to score some points with his sweetheart? Read on to find out.

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First off, it's important you remember that Valentines Day is always on February 14th, and this year is no exception. Next, you must act like you think it's a very important holiday even if you couldn't care less about it. Then, come up with a way to show your cowgirl how much you care about her.

"How, pray, do I do that," you may ask. First, get her a nice Valentine's Day card. You can find a list of some pretty good ones in this blog post.

Then, decide on a budget for a gift to go with that card. The gift doesn't have to be an object you buy for her. It can also be an experience you arrange. Find some ideas to start you planning here.

Whatever you do, make sure that your personality shines through the gift you give. Say, if you're the kind of fella who normally showers her with gifts, go with something you know she's wanted for a while. On the other hand, if you've got no clue how to choose a good gift, opt for an experience instead: a special dinner, an evening of stargazing together, a hot tub frolic, or a dance date under the stars for just the two of you are all pretty good ideas. Just make sure you pick the one you think you can pull off the best.

With less than two weeks to get all your proverbial ducks in a row, the time's right to start planning. Happy Valentines Day, cowboy!


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