Shop Small, Shop Local Or Both?

Buckaroo Bling is a small business located in Kalispell, Montana. So, if you live in the Flathead and shop with us, you're both shopping small and shopping local. But have you ever wondered if shopping small and shopping local were one and the same thing? Read on for a few answers to questions about shopping small that you may have never thought to ask.

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Most of us usually make it a point to shop with local small businesses on Small Business Saturday in November, but did you know that shopping local is not always shopping small and shopping small doesn't always have to be shopping local? Say, you know a guy who runs your local Starbucks shop. When you get you coffee there, it's obvious you're shopping locally, but you're not shopping small. Starbucks is a huge corporation with franchises all over the country and the world, and your local friend is just running one of them. Put that Starbucks coffee down and go find a small locally owned and operated coffee shop instead.

On the other hand, say, you want to buy some jewelry from an independent jewelry maker but you don't know of any where you live, so you buy something online from Buckaroo Bling. In this case, it's obvious you're not shopping locally, but you're surely shopping small because Buckaroo Bling is a tiny business that looks like a grain of sand compared to the Starbucks giant in the previous example.

So, what's it going to be? Are you going to be shopping small or shopping locally, or both? If your aim is to support independent, mom-and-pop businesses, you definitely want to shop small. Some of those businesses will be local to your area and others won't, but you'll still be supporting a real, ordinary person's dream, helping them provide for their family, and encouraging them to do what they love doing. You've probably heard it said that every time you buy from a small business, the owner does a little jig. Want to make more people dance? Shop small!

While you're at it, don't forget to shop Buckaroo Bling. Visit our website, join us live on TalkShop Live, or see us at in-person events - whatever works best for you. You can see the list of upcoming events live and in-person here.

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