Say Goodbye to Dream Catchers Collection

As the year comes to a close, some other good things must also come to an end. Our original Dream Catchers Collection is getting retired. Why, you may ask. What's next, you may wonder. So, here are the responses to your questions.

Dream Catchers Collection Colseout Sale

  1. WHY? In mid-June this year, the trusted deer leather supplier Buckaroo Bling has been working with informed us that they wouldn't be making deer leather lace any longer. So I, the Chief Wire Wrangler and Boss Lady, set out to find a new supplier of US sourced deer leather lace. What originally seemed like not such a big deal turned into a pretty big one when, after three months of diligent search, I couldn't find a single leather supplier in the whole wide US of A who was willing to cut the lace as thin as I needed it and in colors I needed for this collection. If they won't cut it, I'll get the tools and learn how to cut it myself, I thought. Easier said than done! After two more months of searching, I couldn't find anyone who'd dye deer hides in the colors of this collection, so I had to abandon that idea too. Buckaroo Bling's loss is your gain. All the remaining pieces of jewelry in this collection are now on sale at 50% off. Just enter coupon code 50TO2020 when you're ready to check out of our online store, and your discount will be applied to all qualifying items.
  2. WHAT'S NEXT? So, now that this collection is going away, what's next? No more leather fringe? Not so fast! Dream Catchers 2 are coming to town... or to our online store to be more precise. Dream Catchers 2, a new jewelry collection in Kingman turquoise and deer leather fringe will be released in early 2020, just in time for Made In Montana Trade Show in Helena. We'll carry a few best sellers from the first collection into this one and modify them to accommodate different leather from our new friendly supplier right here in Montana, and we'll design some new styles to round out the collection. The plan is to also add another leather color or two for those of you who prefer more natural tones. So, stay tuned, and keep an eye on our blog, social media and online store for updates and launch information. You can also head here to subscribe to our email updates.

Till then, help Buckaroo Bling say, "goodbye" to the original Dream Catchers Collection in style. Shop between December 25th and 31st to get your favorites at 50% off before they've all, like Elvis, left the building.

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