Permanent Jewelry: Yay or Nay?

With permanent jewelry all the rage lately, I thought I should explain why Buckaroo Bling is not jumping on this trend and give you some things to think about before you do.

For those of you wondering what in the world is permanent jewelry, it's chain based jewelry customized to fit you without a clasp. You don't put it on and take it off. It stays "permanently" on your body.

Chain of your choosing is cut to fit your wrist, ankle, neck, fingers and toes too. Then, it's connected with either a jump ring or link from the same chain, which is then soldered closed with the help of a micro pulse welder. It takes seconds and it’s completely painless. Chain styles are available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold filled and 14k rose gold filled.

Soldering permanent jewelry bracelet

1. No more fighting with pesky clasps or having to ask a friend or spouse to help you put it on.

2. No more lost bracelets, necklaces or anklets that just somehow slipped off without you noticing.

3. You can have your favorite piece of jewelry on you always.


1. Sterling silver and gold filled alloys get weakened by exposure to water, perfumes, oils, lotions, salt, chlorine, etc. As you won't be taking your permanent jewelry off when you take a shower, swim in the pool or ocean, or just go about your daily life, chances are, your pretty looking permanent necklace, bracelet, or anklet would quickly start looking ratty and brittle. Plus, sterling silver tarnishes, and it's much harder to polish it if you can't take it off your body.

2. Once you choose your permanent jewelry chain, you're stuck with the same style, same piece of jewelry, until you decide to cut it off. If you're a person who often experiments with style, this is a big problem.

3. Every now and then, all of us have to visit a doctor, undergo a medical test, or visit a dentist. X-rays, MRI, CAT scans, and many other procedures require removing all jewelry and any other metal from our bodies before the procedure. That means, your permanent jewelry will be cut off your body by an impatient nurse faster than you can blink.

Needless to say, Buckaroo Bling and I are not in favor of permanent jewelry. Style, quality, and proper jewelry care are very important to us, so don't blame us when we say that permanent jewelry trend is a big, fat NO for us.

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