New Year New Bling

New year calls for new hopes, new dreams, new achievements, and... new bling. We here at Buckaroo Bling are planning on all of the above.

Happy New Year! Now that the glitter has settled after all the celebrations, let's look briefly at what Buckaroo Bling is planning to bring you in 2024. We're still going to offer the same handcrafted attention to detail and quality you are used to getting from us, but a few things will definitely be changing.

Concho Earrings


In 2024, Buckaroo Bling is planning to bring you more and different earring styles. We're also looking at introducing different materials, so if you have any specific wishes, drop us an email or DM us on Instagram to let us know. On the other hand, we'll be reducing the number of necklace and bracelet designs available for purchase.


In the new year, Buckaroo Bling will be releasing several smaller collections throughout the year, rather than one big one in the spring, as we've done in the past. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the new collection announcements, or better yet, join our email Posse to be the first one to know about the new collections, deals, and discounts at Buckaroo Bling.


We'll also be perfecting our systems to make it possible for independent boutiques, gift shops, and small retailers to purchase wholesale from us directly. If you own an independent brick-and-mortar or mobile boutique, or if you know of one that would be interested in carrying our bling, make sure to let us know.


Throughout the year, we'll be introducing some other news into the way Buckaroo Bling does business, so stay tuned. The best way to find out about them is to become a part of our email Posse. Subscribe through the form at the bottom of this page.

Here's to a happy, peaceful, and successful 2024!

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