New Collection Is Here!

At long last, new Buckaroo Bling jewelry collection is officially here!

If you've been following us for a while, you know that the designs from the new collection have been available for preorder since the end of March. As you may or may not know, all Buckaroo Bling pieces are made by hand, so in order to have all of the new designs in stock when the collection officially launches, the "big day" had to be pushed to the end of May. ...And now it's here!

Inspired by birds and the messages they bring us, Free As A Bird collection includes 3 different necklace designs, 2 bracelet designs, and a whopping 9 different earring styles. In a slight departure from our standard copper and sterling silver, all designs in the new collection are available in sterling silver only, but most of them come in four to six different leather colors. In addition to our standard red, turquoise, saddle tan, and beige, this year, we've included black and chocolate brown options as well. It's just that they're not called by those color names.

You see, as a tribute to our feathered friends, all leather colors have been named after birds. Red becomes Robin, turquoise becomes Bluebird, saddle tan is now Sparrow, beige is Chickadee. Black is Raven, and chocolate brown is Eagle. Also, every style's official name refers to something from the avian world, be it a bird itself (The Roadrunner and The Quetzal), or something else that is clearly associated with birds (The Chick and The Egg Or Chick earrings). Most of the shapes in the collection are very bird-like too.

Curious to see what we've come up with? Click HERE to be taken directly to our new collection, or click the lil' shopping cart below ⬇️ to be taken to the Buckaroo Bling online shop.

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