Size Matters

When it comes to necklaces, size really matters. If you walk into a jewelry store wanting to buy a simple chain, you’ll notice they are sorted by length in inches. Jewelry industry has standards regarding necklace lengths, which are usually measured in even numbers (e.g. 16” or 24”), although different designers may deviate from this and offer necklaces in custom lengths. Here are the basic standard options:

  • 14 inches - often referred to as COLLAR;
  • 16 inches - usually called a CHOKER;
  • 18 inches - PRINCESS length;
  • 20-24 inches - MATINEE length;
  • 28-36 inches - OPERA length;
  • 36-42 inches - ROPE necklace.

Now that you have a basic idea about different options you have when it comes to necklace length, you also need to consider how your body features determine which necklace lengths look best on you. Four features that you should keep in mind when selecting a necklace length are your neck, your facial shape, your body type, and the type of neckline on the outfit you will be wearing your necklace with.

Now, this is a topic for a whole another blog post, so stay tuned, as I will be writing about the way your body features influence your choice of necklaces soon.

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