Last Minute Gift Ideas From Your Local Area

If you live in Montana or Alberta and you're starting to panic because you've just realized that Christmas is only 24 days away, here are some western chic gift ideas for artisanal products you can find in your local area. Not only will you get unique gifts, but you'll be supporting your local small businesses too.



Double K Ranch meats

Double K Ranch: located near Misoula, the ranch produces a variety of all natural, pastured meats and a great assortment of artisanal cured meats. A perfect gift for the gourmand, the hostess, or for the whole family.


Wild rags by N3 Wild Rags

N3 Wild Rags: from traditional southwestern patterns to florals and contemporary prints, N3 Wild Rags can meet all your wild rag needs.


Jewerly by Buckaroo Bling

Buckaroo Bling: contemporary boho western jewelry and accessories to nurture her inner cowgirl and add a bit of rock-'n'-roll sass to her country western flair. Buckaroo Bling offers free delivery in the Kalispell area.



Pendelton fabric jackets and mittens by LaPerle1900

La Perle 1900: who doesn't like Pendleton fabrics? Now, your local Alberta artisan is converting them into chic jackets, mittens, and Christmas stockings. What a perfect gift to help the ladies in your life and your home look chic this holiday season!

Last but not least, a piece of decor any western home would be proud to own...

Embellished cow skulls by Yellow Horse Studio

Yellow Horse Studio: Alberta's multi-passionate artist who'll design a custom embellished animal skull for you whether you want it done in pyrography or painted and totally blinged out. These pieces take quite a few days to complete, so plan your gifting well in advance or allow your gift recipient to participate in the custom design process if you're ordering closer to the holidays and work can't be completed in time. In either case, you won't regret the investment.

You can find, follow, and contact all of the artisans presented here on Instagram under these handles: @doublekranchmt, @n3wildrags, @buckaroobling, @laperle1900 and @yellowhorsestudio.

Shop small and shop local this holiday season!

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