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New, limited edition capsule collection for Boho Babes has landed on Buckaroo Bling website!

This year, as promised, Buckaroo Bling is releasing several smaller, limited edition earring collections, and this is the first one in the planned lineup of three. Inspired by our best-selling leather fringe earring design, these earrings take a popular style and make it even more approachable.

Consisting of 3 different, short fringe designs, this collection of 15 pairs of earrings will go away as soon as they're all sold out. Should one of the designs turn out to be extremely popular, we might bring it back later in the year and make it a permanent part of out collection.

The most versatile of the three designs is the Fly Away Mini style. At only 2.75 inch long, these cuties will suit most any outfit or style. Available in all seven of our standard leather colors and retailing at only $45 per pair, these earrings are as affordable as they're fun. Look them up in our shop, and if they're already gone by the time you make it there, sign up to be notified when they return. We'll only bring them back based on demand.

The second style, unavailable as of the publishing of this post, is slightly longer at 3 inches, offers a little more movement in the design, and comes only in colors raven (black), sparrow (saddle tan), and chickadee (buckskin beige). This style, named Boho Bird, will be retailing for $50 per pair when it becomes available.

Last but not least, a very limited, luxurious but still delicate style, Boho Bird Luxe, incorporates some genuine Kingman turquoise and Baja spiny oyster. At 4 inches, this is the longest of the three styles and it is only available in colors sparrow (saddle tan) and chickadee (buckskin beige). It retails for $75 per pair, and if you'd like to have it in any other leather color, contact us through this form to special order.

Now, go take a look at our website and let us know in the comments below which style is your favorite.

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