Behind The Scenes: Where in The World Is Buckaroo Bling?

So, you know Buckaroo Bling is made in Montana, but Montana's a big state, and where exactly is Buckaroo Bling? Flathead Valley locals know that we're local too, but Flathead Valley is a pretty big area, so where exactly is Buckaroo Bling? Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes to show you where exactly we are, from the general neighborhood, to our backyard, to the studio itself. Just like that silly doe in the cover photo, you'll be able to take a sneak peek, no matter where in the world you are.

So, let's start from the wider neighborhood. If you are driving from Kalispell on Highway 2 West, after about 8 miles, you'll get to the area out in the country locally known as Batavia. Drive into the hills for a couple more miles, and you'll get to our yard. The neighborhood here is a mixture of trees and meadows, farms and large houses where folks who work in town live. You'll see horses and cattle, dogs and prowling barn cats, deer and elk, skunks, foxes, eagles, ravens, magpies, wild turkeys, and even an occasional stray bear every few years. Sunrises here glow, and sunsets are often spectacular. Views are either breathtaking, or we find ourselves in the clouds... literally.

So, let's now get a bit closer, and climb up the driveway. Yes, more trees, another horse, more dogs and barn cats, wildlife visitors on the front lawn more often than not, and views for miles when skies are clear. When we first rented this place, we thought we'd be buying and moving into our own house within a year. After living here for a while, we decided we didn't want to move... at least for now. Giving up this quiet country life for a place in town is no longer an option, so until we have our own piece of country heaven and cabin in the woods (with room for a mini horse and a couple of goats), we're staying put. Why? Just look at the pictures below, and I'm sure you'd understand.

With surroundings like this, who wouldn't be creative? But, let's keep moving closer. Let's walk into the studio and take a peek at the couple of corners where Buckaroo Bling moves from an idea to a real, touchable, wearable piece of jewelry getting packaged into a box to make a trip to its forever home. If you take a closer look at the pictures below, you'll get a peek into some little extras that come with every Buckaroo Bling package. Want to see them in action? Why, order an item or two from our online shop.

Thanks for coming along on this little tour. What else would you like to know about Buckaroo Bling? Pop your questions in the comments below. Want to contribute to my cabin-horse-and-goat fund?

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