Behind the Scenes: When Only Custom Earrings Would Do

Yes, there are such times when only custom bling would do. So, what do you do then? Why, turn to someone who can make custom bling for you. That's exactly what Miss Teen Rodeo Montana 2020 did earlier this year when she needed two pairs of custom earrings. She turned to Buckaroo Bling, and the rest was, as they say, history.

Gemstone beads and sterling silver components

Every custom design in our studio starts with ideas, sketches, and looking at pretty gemstones. I normally work with US and Mexico mined turquoise, but I occasionally have other gems and freshwater pearls on hand as I love to mix it up a bit for those wanting a custom piece.

If you order a piece of custom bling from Buckaroo Bling, I'll be asking you a bunch of questions even before I start brainstorming the design 'cause I want to know what you like and don't like and where you're planning to wear your custom bling. Then, I'd send you some sketches, at least two different options for your custom design, and that's where proper communication is really, really important. If you like something in the proposed designs but don't like other things, make sure to tell me so we can together get your piece to look its best.

After we've settled on the perfect design for you, you'll be looking at pictures of materials to be used in your design like the one above, and if you tell me you like what I've chosen, I'll start making your custom piece of bling. If, on the other hand, you're not crazy about some of my choices, we go back to the drawing board until we get that combination that's perfect for you.

When your custom piece is finished, I'll send you photos for your final approval before that custom designed bling is packaged and dispatched to you. So, if you decide to work with me on a custom project, you can be sure your voice, ideas, and opinions will be heard and you'll have the final say in how your new piece of bling looks.

Want to see some of the custom designs I've done recently? Check out the picture above. Now, if that gives you a hankering for some custom bling of your own, make sure to click the big orange button below ⬇️ to order your custom bling. I can't wait to hear!

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