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Do you really believe it when a brand tells you they love you? And if you do, what kind of love do you think that is? Today, I'm going to tell you who and how Buckaroo Bling loves.

For you who have been following us for a while, it's nothing new that Buckaroo Bling is a tiny brand and that the people who design and make your jewelry are the same people you encounter on social media and at in-person events. You know that, with us, what you see is what you get. Those of you who are new or maybe coming across Buckaroo Bling for the first time ever will be best served to look at our About page ⬆️ before you continue reading this post to get a better perspective.

Red leather bracelet with heart shaped clasp

So, what does it mean when I say, "Buckaroo Bling loves you?" Do we love you for buying our bling? Do we love it when you refer your friends to us? Do we love you when you share our posts on your social media? All that, and much more!

You see, as a tiny brand Boss Lady, I interact with each and every one of you who talk to us on social media, call us on the phone, email us, or purchase our bling. That means, I get to know you a bit better than your average bigger brand would. So, for example, I know that Emily recently got engaged; Maryann gave fun gifts to a bunch of young cowgirls in her life; Faye loves English Setters; Cindi only wears sterling silver earrings; Stephanie is looking to hire an intern; Amy's husband makes mean German desserts; and Michelle has metal allergies. Do you think a bigger brand would know all those things about you?

When you interact with Buckaroo Bling and do it repeatedly, you become a friend, you become family. Now think about how you love your family and friends... That kind of love is not simply "transactional." You care about those dear and near, and so do I care about every single Buckaroo Bling friend. I want to celebrate your wins with you and grieve with you in your losses. I want to pray with you in your need and pray for you when everything goes well too. Would a bigger brand do that for you? I think you already know the answer.

 Heart shaped earrings with long red leather fringe

So, would you like to be loved and cared for by Buckaroo Bling like this? All you've got to do is let us get to know you. Talk with us, email us, DM us, shop our bling... We're always happy to respond. Let's be friends!

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