5 Western Fashion Trends for Summer

It used to be that only the ranching and rodeo folk wore what's now called western fashion. Jeans, boots, hats, and wild rags were all - and still are - functional pieces of clothing and accessories, but it seems these days everyone and their brother's a wannabe cowboy or cowgirl. With that, western fashion, similar to mainstream fashion, started following seasonal trends. So, here's what western fashion trends to look for this summer according to those who are paid to predict them.

Photo by MM Bouchard

    • Western fashion is a trend in itself. It doesn't seem to matter if you live in the country or a city, snip toe cowgirl boots and western style clothing are everywhere. You, country folk, may think it's ridiculous for someone to board a New York City subway train wearing a pair of cowgirl boots, but I'm telling ya, the trend is here to stay weather we like it or not.
    • Yellow is not really a western kind of color, but it's making a great entrance into western fashion this summer, from more muted mustard tones to the bright, cheery sunflower type of yellow. Add to that its "cousin," orange, and you may think that the western fashion's gone off the rails. Don't be so quick to judge. If you're not particularly fond of this color, you can always add just a touch of it by wearing jewelry made with spiny oyster. Since these pieces are traditionally made by Native jewelry artists, you'll stay true to your western roots and still add one of the new trends to your outfits.
    • Boots, boots, and more boots! Of course, cowgirl boots never go out of style. The difference this summer is that some will try to merge mainstream fashion trends with traditional boot design, so expect to see tie-dye patterns, metallics, and updated textures appearing on the boots designed by your favorite boot makers.
    • Cowhide or cow prints are going to be big this summer too, and not only on items you expect to see them on such as bags, belts, and even boots. They'll be popping up on clothing and accessories of almost any kind. Just make sure not to dress in cow print head to toe, or you won't be able to put up an argument when some uncouth cowboy calls you by a bovine name.
    • Fringe, more precisely leather fringe is here to stay. You can't do western without fringe. This summer you'll be seeing it on purses, clothing, boots, and jewelry alike.

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