5 Western Brands Made in the USA

With the events of the past few months, many are starting to wonder where their favorite products are made, and we western folk are no exception. Some of us have even decided to start buying only USA made products from now on, but that can be hard to accomplish at times.

With the exception of smaller, local brands, you'll find that most of the name brands in the western clothing, boot, and accessory industries have long been outsourcing their production to other countries from Mexico (a logical choice for boot making) to China (hello, Ariat!), India, Bangladesh (check the label on those Wrangler jeans of yours), and anywhere in between. So, I set out to find five larger brands that still manufacture their products in the good ol' US of A, and let me tell you, the task wasn't easy.

Pendleton Mills Chief Joseph Blanket 

1.  Pendleton Blankets. These prized blankets are still made in Oregon, and all of Pendleton woolen fabrics are woven in their mills in Oregon and Washington state. So, go ahead, treat yourself freely to a new Pendleton blanket.

2.  Resistol Hats. Although Resistol is part of the Stetson line of hats, not all Stetson products are made in USA. A cheaper line of cowboy hats and caps is made in China, but Resistol brand hats still come from Garland, Texas.

3.  Lodge Cookware. Whether you're a chuck wagon cook or a budding home chef, you're probably very familiar with Lodge cast iron cookware. Good news! These products are still made in the USA.

4.  Smith & Wesson Guns. From the guns used in legendary western movies to modern hunting equipment, Smith & Wesson remains a true American brand with their production facilities in Massachusetts, Maine, and Tennessee.

5.  Rios of Mercedes Boots. Still handmade in South Texas, this is one of the rare western boot brands that produces all of their product lines domestically. Look them up when a new pair of boots is in order.

Now, what was the point of spending hours on end researching where the most popular western/cowboy lifestyle brands were made? The point was to prove that brands manufactured in the USA still exist, and not only exist but produce high quality products. The way I see it, it's worth saving up for a quality product made in this country and supporting the American workers instead of getting a cheaper, lesser quality product made somewhere in the Far East by the hands of underpaid, overworked, and often poorly trained workforce. If we want to keep this country going, we need to restore pride in our workmanship and not only look at the price tag.

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