Your Bling At The Beach? 😱

When the summer hits, everyone wants to go to the beach, but there's someone who should never be taken there: your jewelry. Why not? That's what this blog post is here to explain.

Remember how your hair and skin feel after a long day at the beach, especially if the said beach belongs to a body of saltwater? Yeah, that dry, tight feeling you get. Not to even mention the potential for sunburn! If your jewelry could talk - especially if it's made with natural materials such as leather and gemstones - it would tell you it feels exactly the same.

Sterling silver leather and turquoise earrings by Buckaroo Bling

You see, water, salt, and sun exposure can and will damage your cherished bling in several ways:

  1. OXIDATION (tarnishing). When metals such as silver or copper get in contact with water and humidity in general, a process called oxidation happens. Silver would turn dark, copper would turn green, and there'd be a layer of patina on top of your piece of jewelry that is hard to remove.
  2. CORROSION (damage, weakening). Metals corrode when in contact with salt - even just salty air. Eventually, depending on how much your piece of jewelry corroded, it will start to disintegrate. You usually don't think about leather corroding, but it too will become brittle, cracked, and hardened when exposed to salt and water.
  3. DISCOLORATION. Exposed to strong sunlight, water, and salt, most gemstones will lose their color. That expensive piece of blue turquoise may turn completely white, or become dull and unsightly. Not what anyone wants, right? Much like gemstones, tanned leather will also get discolored in strong sunlight.

So, what do you do with your bling then? Leave it at home, in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Have all the fun you can have at the beach, then go home, get ready for a night out on the town, and show off all those turquoise and leather pretties you've got.

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