Three Ways To Wear A Ring

You've heard the expression, "put a ring on it." But did you know that rings can be worn in more ways than just on one of the fingers or toes? If you didn't, you're in luck because I'm going to show you three different ways to wear a ring.

Statement ring by Buckaroo Bling

 1. The first way is a no-brainer. We're all familiar with rings on the ring finger, and many of us know that you can wear a ring on other fingers on either of your hands. Besides, there are also rings specifically designed to be worn on toes. Hello, sandal weather!

2. The second way is a bit more out of the ordinary. Has it ever occurred to you that rings can be worn as scarf slides? All scarf slides must have a loop through which to pull the scarf ends, so why not use an unusual ring for that purpose? I don't advise that you use your diamond engagement ring in this way. After all, scarf slides tend to slip off sometimes, especially if you are using them with thin silk scarves, and you don't want to accidentally lose something as precious as a diamond ring. If you have costume jewelry or rings made from less expensive metals like our copper ring below ⬇️ by all means, go for it!

 Copper Ring by Buckaroo Bling

3. Last but not least, if you often wear your hair braided, why not use a ring or two as braid charms? Not only can you repurpose your older or less favorite rings this way, but you'll also make your hair look extra fancy. No need to buy new decorative combs, hairpins, or hair sticks either.

Rings used as hair adornment

So now that you know there's more than one way to wear a ring, why don't you hop on over to our online shop and check out our selection of multi-purpose rings?

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