Q & A With The Boss Lady

When I - Jelena, the Boss Lady - man the Buckaroo Bling booth at in-person events, I get many different questions, but there are some that get asked almost every time. Today, I decided to round up the most commonly asked questions and give you the answers. So, here we go...

Q. Do you REALLY make all of this bling?

A. Sure I do! All of the bling on Buckaroo Bling website and at our booth at in-person events is made by hand and made by me right here in Northwest Montana.

Q. You sure charge much more than that lady I bought jewelry from last time at the church bazaar (or craft show... or Etsy... or insert your own here) What's so special about Buckaroo Bling anyway?

A. Apart from being handcrafted (see the answer above), Buckaroo Bling designs are registered with the State of Montana and authorized to use the exclusive Made in Montana logo. In the production of Buckaroo Bling jewelry and accessories, I use high quality materials sourced in the US, in particular the (genuine) turquoise, leather, and metals. Last but not least, we use the Buckaroo Bling platform to support the worthy cause of horse rescue by donating a portion of every sale to registered non-profit horse rescue charities.

Q. Do you take custom orders?

A. Why, yes, I do! I'm happy to design and make a special piece of bling for you within my expertise and design style. When I say, "within my expertise and design style," what I mean is, please don't ask me to make you a gold and diamond engagement ring or a western engraved pendant. I do not work with diamonds and gold, and the techniques I stick with are wire wrapping, bead stringing, pearl knotting, and some "crossover" techniques from textile design such as wire knitting and wire weaving. Also, there are certain times during the year when I'm not accepting custom orders either because those times are busy with in-person events or I have already accepted as many custom orders as I can handle at that moment. In that case, I'll politely explain the situation to you, and if you're in a hurry to get your custom design made by a certain date which I can't handle, I'll do my best to refer you to one of my jewelry making friends who might be able to help.

Q. Do you sell wholesale?

A. Yes! You can purchase Buckaroo Bling for your store from our wholesale shop on Faire, through our Wholesale Rep, or if you're in the USA, by contacting me directly through the form on this page.

Q. I don't live here - just visiting Montana on vacation. Can I buy Buckaroo Bling anywhere in my local area?

A. If you live in the US, check out this link to see if any stores in your area carry Buckaroo Bling.

Q. Will you be at any other in-person events in this area?

A. Check out the Events page on Buckaroo Bling website for a complete list of in-person events you can find Buckaroo Bling at this year.

And there you have it! These are the most commonly asked questions I get here at Buckaroo Bling. Got a question that didn't get answered in this blog post? Check our FAQ or send me a message here.


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