How to Go Beyond Red & Green in Your Christmas Outfits

All colors are beautiful, and if you want to go with traditional red and green for your Christmas outfit, good for you! On the other hand, if you're tired of these two colors and looking for something fresh and unusual, read on.

Red and green aren't the only two colors you can wear for Christmas. Blues have been making huge inroads into the Christmas fashion, and you can never go wrong with the good old black and white, even if these two, technically, aren't colors. What's best about wearing black and white is that you can always add a red or green accent and still look as classy as ever. So here are some ideas for classy cowgirl outfits in black and white.

Whether you're planning to wear a skirt, a dress, or a jacket in these hues, make sure you don't go plain. You want your outfit to be festive, so consider prints and embroidery. Cameron skirt by Pendleton Woolen Mills in the picture above is a perfect example, or take a look at the embroidered vest with fringe from Rock & Roll Cowgirl below.

You can even carry the black and white theme into your footwear and accessories, like the Valentine Dion boots by Old Gringo below. Just make sure you don't get completely monochromatic and make your outfit look more boring than classy.

Add pops of color to your black or white with colorful accessories: a red wild rag, a colorfully embroidered belt, a green hat band, or - the perennial favorite - turquoise jewelry. Christmas is the perfect time to layer and stack your favorite jewels. Layer three or four necklaces of different lengths, stack several bracelets, wear a ring on almost every finger... whatever suits your personality best.

Black and white aren't the only shades you can wear for Christmas. Traditional western browns in rich hues of chocolate and saddle tan combined with a few vividly colored accents, or the gamut of blues from denim blue (just make sure that, if you do wear real denim, it's richly embroidered and embellished) and turquoise to powder blue, midnight navy, and even shades of teal would all work well for festive occasions.

Want more ideas for classy festive outfits that speak to a cowgirl's soul? Click the button below for additional suggestions.


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