How to Care for Your Bling

You've bought some fun bling either from us or elsewhere, and now, you're wondering what's the right way to store it and if there's anything special you need to do to properly care for it.

We at Buckaroo Bling enclose care instructions every time you order some bling from us, but in case you misplaced them, or if you've never ordered from us before, here are a few tips on properly caring for your sterling silver and gemstone bling.

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First, keep in mind that water, liquids in general, moisture, and humidity are your silver bling's enemies. Humidity and moisture encourage tarnish, and you certainly don't want that. So,

1. Don't immerse your bling in water or any other liquids.

2. If you live in a high humidity area, keep your bling stored in a tarnish-proof bag (you can get those in most jewelry supply stores), or add a tarnish protection strip to your jewelry box.

Turquoise stone doesn't like liquids or oils either. Genuine turquoise is a very soft and porous stone, which means it needs to be handled with care.

3. Keep your turquoise away from perfumes, lotions, oils... and of course, liquids of any kind.

4. Don't wear your jewelry to the beach, pool, shower, or even to bed.

Now, if you already happen to have some silver bling that has tarnished, the best way to bring it back to its original shine is to rub it with a soft jewelry polishing cloth. We carry these in our store, so you can add them to any purchase of bling you make from us.

If your jewelry is made of sterling silver and doesn't contain any gemstones or other materials, it's also safe to clean it in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. However, if there are any gemstones, don't attempt to clean your bling in the ultrasonic cleaner yourself, but ask for advice and/or help from a jeweler. Some gemstones would simply disintegrate if placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. NEVER even consider using ultrasonic cleaners for turquoise jewelry.

Now that you know how to properly care for your bling, why not head over to Buckaroo Bling store and add some new, fun pieces to your collection?!

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