How To Care For Your Cowgirl Boots

We women folk are collectors. If we like hats, we'll have several in our closet; if we like bags, we'll definitely have more than one purse. The same goes for cowgirl boots: most of us will have several pairs, or at the minimum, a working pair, a going-to-town pair, and a fancy pair. So, how does one properly care for cowgirl boots when they are and when they are not in use?

The best, simplest thing you can do for your boots on a daily basis is wiping off the dust. Dust is your boots' arch-enemy. It causes microscopic cuts in the hide, which ages the leather rapidly. It will also cause finish to wear off and leather to split, usually around stitching. Your daily routine after wearing your boots, should be to dust them off with a soft, damp cloth before putting them away. Also, if you have mud or other debris in the crevices around stitching, remove it using a Q-tip or a soft, baby toothbrush.

What if you don't use your boots on a daily basis and need to store them for prolonged periods of time? First, don't skip the daily routine described above. Second, make sure anything that needs to be repaired (such as heels) is repaired before you've stashed your boots away. Once the boots have been dusted off and cleaned, rub some leather cleaner, mink oil, or olive oil into the leather of your boots. This is especially important if there are any salt or water stains on them as the cleaner will remove such stains. Next, fill two socks with baking soda, tie them off, and insert them into the foot beds. This will prevent your stored boots from absorbing odors and moisture. You can also use silica gel packets or activated charcoal packets for this purpose. If your boots are tall, create support for the boot shaft by stuffing it with crumpled paper. Place your boots in their original box if at all possible, or into another storage box with lid. Make sure that the boot toes are pointing away from each other. Storing your boots horizontally in a box will help them maintain their shape, and the lid on the box will protect them from dust.

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