5 Ways to Say, "I Love You" Like A Cowboy

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I have compiled five ways for those of you, procrastinating man folk, to say a heartfelt, "I love you" to the love of your life, and do it like a real cowboy. Some of them require you to loosen your purse strings, while others will cost you only a bit of your time and effort. So, read on, cowboy!

  1. Buy her a horse. This one is a no-brainer, but as it requires a major investment, not all of you will be able to pull it off. Still, what cowgirl wouldn't like a horse as a gift? If you think your love for her is so great that it can't be expressed in words, getting her a horse would say it all. On the other hand, if you are short on cash and she has a horse already, a set of new tack or a prepaid visit by a farrier would be just as appreciated.
  2. Take her to a barn dance. Make sure you encourage her to get all gussied up (and you do the same), and show her some good time. Since everyone has phone cameras these days, snap a picture of the two of you together, and send it to her afterwards. Then, post it on your social media and brag on your gal. Be careful with this if you are not thinking of her as your main squeeze, because she may get the wrong idea.
  3. Buy her a pair of cowgirl boots. This one will score you big points if you do it right. The best way to make sure your effort doesn't misfire is to find out what her favorite boot brand is. Also, find a sneaky way to learn her boot size in that particular brand, because different brands fit differently. When you have all of this squared away, get her the fanciest boot style you can find. Why? I'll tell you a little secret. It's because she has probably been admiring them for a long, long time but was reluctant to spend the money on a pair that would be worn only when she is all dressed up for a special affair. Not too sure you can pick the right style? Give her a gift certificate to her favorite boot shop instead.
  4. Cook her dinner. You know how much time she spends in the kitchen every day making sure you have a good meal when your day's work is done. So, why not double up on your Valentine's gift by not only cooking a meal for her, but also making it fancy. Cook some good steak, add a few fixins, a bottle of wine (or moonshine, if she prefers), and serve it all on her fanciest china by candlelight, and you've got a winner.
  5. Get her some more turquoise. She probably already has a bunch of turquoise jewelry in her stash, but a cowgirl can never have too much turquoise. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to choose good quality stones, preferably US or Mexico mined. Stay away from what you can buy in your run-off-the-mill big box stores because, most of the time, they sell poor quality turquoise (if turquoise at all, and not just turquoise colored cheap stones instead). Go for Native pawn, or independently designed pieces by small shops. Need some ideas? Take a peek at what Buckaroo Bling has to offer.

So, there you have it, cowboy! Choose any of the five options above, and I guarantee you will have a great Valentine's Day.

What if you read all this and you are a cowgirl instead? Well, glad you asked. Show these suggestions to your beau, and you will have a great Valentine's Day, too.

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