5 Style Tips Worthy of a Rodeo Queen

Becoming a rodeo queen requires grit, good horsemanship, and giving back to the community, but a great sense of style is also a must. Not all of us ladies are born with that sense. So, here are some tips to help you feel like a rodeo queen even if you've never held a title in your life.

  •  Big bouncy curls and styled but natural looking waves are in. Even if your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you need to invest in a quality curling iron and hair products such as heat protectant and holding spray. The former will help your hair stay healthy despite all that styling, and the latter will keep those curls and waves in place.
  • Learn how to do bold but tasteful makeup looks, and use makeup setting spray. There's a ton of "how-to" makeup videos on YouTube, so find a makeup style that looks good on you, watch, learn, and practice, practice, practice. Practice sure makes perfect.
  • Don't copy others when styling your wardrobe. This may sound strange if you're someone who's not very good at putting outfits together, but there's a method behind this madness. What's most important is that you feel good in the clothes you're wearing. If you copy someone else's style, chances are you'll feel like a fish out of water. So, the best thing to do is think about the types of clothes you feel most comfortable and confident wearing, and then glam them up a notch or two.
  • Don't overdo it on sparkle. Rhinestones are fine in the arena but might be a bit much at a birthday party, a date, or a girls' night out, so tone down that sparkle depending on the occasion.
  • Bold bling is in... in moderation. You choose your clothes depending on your body type and features, and the same should apply to your jewelry. Learn what shapes and colors suit your facial features and hair color. That will help you choose your bling more confidently. Need some tips on how to do that? Buckaroo Bling blog has quite a few you can use.

Jordan Tierney, Miss Rodeo America 2020/2021 official portrait

Now, go and put together that signature glam look of yours! I bet you'll be feeling like a rodeo queen in no time, even if you've never entered a single pageant. Need some fun bling in bold colors to complete the look? Buckaroo Bling has you covered. Visit our website!

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