3 Earring Styles Perfect for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and it's time to refresh your wardrobe and accessories with some fall colors. No, I'm not talking everything pumpkin here. Think of those warm browns, rich reds, and soft golds. If you're an earring lover, you'd want to incorporate these colors into your fall array of ear bling too. Here are three styles that would fit the bill perfectly.

Real aspen leaf earrings dipped in copper by Buckaroo Bling

1. When leaves are falling, wear real aspen leaves on your earrings.

If you're a nature lover, you can take a piece of nature with you (or on you, as the case may be) wherever you go no matter the season. With a pair of Buckaroo Bling earrings with REAL aspen leaves electroplated in copper, silver, or gold you'd stand out in any fall crowd with your classy style.

 Dreamer earrings with red leather fringe and turquoise by Buckaroo Bling

2. Trade pumpkin everything for some deep red leather fringe.

When the days start getting cloudy and dreary, you'll need some deep red leather fringe to brighten your mood. Buckaroo Bling Dreamer Earrings in red will do just that. Soft deer leather fringe will also add some fun to your outfits, and genuine Mexican Campitos turquoise will keep it all oh-so-classy.

Delicate turquoise earrings by Buckaroo Bling

3. Prefer to look beautiful in an unassuming way?

Then, reach for these sweet, delicate sterling silver earrings with a touch of Mexican turquoise and just enough bright red carnelian to add a pop of color worthy of the best ripened autumn apple. These short earrings can be worn all day long and into the evening, and even your tween daughter or sister can borrow them without ending up looking utterly ridiculous.

Want to blaze your own trail when it comes to earrings? We've got several of one-of-a-kind pairs that would be just what the doctor ordered. Click the button below for the full selection of earrings at Buckaroo Bling.

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